What’s the the buzz about Mother Bee?

If you follow me on facebook, instagram or twitter over the past month or so you would of seen me post about Mother Bee products. After testing them out on myself, my family and animals I am really excited to share with you my thoughts on these lovely products. If you haven't seen the posts on my social medias, Mother... Continue Reading →


I have seen a couple of social media challenges recently on Instagram that I have really liked the look of, particularly by Sophie Callahan. If you don't already follow her you really should. I thought it would be fun to make up a challenge relating to horses and horse ownership. If you don't know what a... Continue Reading →

Spring lust list for Toby

Hello again! Here as promised is my little spring lust list for Toby. I always find it so much harder to buy clothes for Toby than Freya, there just doesn't seem to be as much choice for boys as girls. So if you have any suggestions of great places for boys clothes do let me... Continue Reading →

New horse nerves!

So as you know I'm in the process of looking for a new horse! Very exciting times but also actually me making me a bit nervous. Why the nerves?! I have wanted a new horse for such a long time but due to having my two lovely children it really hasn't been possible until now.... Continue Reading →

Spring lust list for Freya

Now that Spring is slowly starting to appear (I know its taken its time!) I thought I would have a browse of what's on offer for Freya this Spring and share with you the bits that caught my eye. Items are linked below working clockwise from top left. flower frill hem t-shirt unicorn skater dress... Continue Reading →

How to entertain children outside

I don't know about your little ones but my two much prefer being outside than inside and the fresh air certainly tires them out which is always a good thing. One of the best things about being outdoors with the kids is that your house doesn't get messed up. It's so lovely to come home... Continue Reading →

New year, new horse?!

Happy new year!! Sorry I've been quiet for the past few weeks Christmas and New was lovely. We spent lots of time with family and friends and Freya turned 4!! However I'm back now with exciting news (you may have already seen if you follow me on Instagram). I have been without my own horse... Continue Reading →

The Christmas tag

I love a tag post and I love Christmas time so of course I had to do the Christmas tag. I'd love to read yours if you fancy doing it too so if you do one let me know. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? No never, save all the presents for Christmas... Continue Reading →

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